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In the beginning of 2012 we plan to start a distant bible school about Spiritual Warfare. The teaching will be free.

We will be studying the following subjects in Step-1:

  • Spiritual warfare – what is it?
  • Do we have to fight?
  • Spiritual warfare is for everyone
  • Spirits, do they exist?
  • Is the enemy defeated or not?
  • Spiritual warfare in a nutshell
  • The authority of the believer
  • Spirit, soul and body
  • Carnality or evil spirits?
  • Possessed, demonized or under the influence?
  • Should we rely on Jesus’ victory, or should we fight evil spirits?
  • Can believers have demons?
  • Jesus’ mission, and ours, concerning the evil spiritual world
  • Prayer, demands, commands and proclamation

If you are interested in attending the bible school, please use our Contact form and tell us. We want to know:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • What nation you live in

God bless!
Lars Erik


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