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A woman, who was healed in her eyes, will get her driving license back

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The woman, who became a member of our church yesterday, had reduced eyesight for 20 years. It reached a point where she could only see the difference between light and darkness. A couple of years ago she underwent surgery, and as a result she could see, but like through a pipe.
Last Monday, after our prayer meeting had ended and she was about to go home, a person laid his hand on her eyes and proclaimed healing in the name of Jesus. The next day she noticed she could see much better.
A doctor has examined her eyes, and he confirms the improvement. He wrote a certificate so she can now get her driving license back. God is good!



God is able!

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At the meeting yesterday a woman in our church came forward and took off her wig. She has received radiation treatment because of a brain tumor. The doctors told her she would never grow hair again since the hair roots die during those treatments. Our church has prayed for her, and she has believed for a miracle, and now her hair is growing!!! Nothing is impossible for God!

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