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Are You Saved?

Saved – What does that mean?

To be saved means to have received what Jesus did for you. It means you are saved from being eternally lost and in torment.

You see, you do not cease to exist when you die. There is a continuation, of life after death. How are you going to spend your life after death? In glory with God, or in horror with the devil?
God also has a plan for your life here on earth. Don’t miss out on that plan!

Salvation is a choice

Salvation is NOT a feeling! Salvation is a choice! You choose to receive Him, regardless of how you feel.

Not to receive Jesus, is also a choice. Don’t be deceived in thinking you can make the decision later. By not receiving Jesus as your Savior, you have already made a choice. However, even though you have chosen not to receive, nothing prevents you from receiving right now. The choice is yours! Right now!

Why am I not accepted the way I am?

The bible says, we are made through God, and for God. The purpose for your live life is to live for God.

– Doesn’t that mean a lot of commands?
– No, it means you can become what God has meant for you to be.

– Ok, but I will never make it.
– You are absolutely right! You cannot do it by yourself. That is why Jesus came to do it for you.

– But I live as good as I can. Why isn’t that enough?
– In order to explain, let’s look at a story from the bible. You can read it in Matt. 22:2-13.

The king’s wedding

A king was having a wedding party. The servants were told to invite people to the party, and when the day had come the guests were gathered. When the king entered the room he looked around and saw a man without a wedding garment. He asked the man why, but the man had no answer and so the king ordered the servants to cast him out.

At first glance it might seem that the king acted very hard and unfair when he had the man cast out. After all, the man probably was dressed in the best clothes he had. What if he didn’t own any other clothes? Why was he not accepted? We find the answer when we study the tradition for a king’s wedding in Jesus’ time. When a person was invited to the wedding he didn’t just receive an invitation card but also a wedding garment. It was a gift from the king. So the truth about the man in the story is, he had received a wedding garment, but he had chosen not to wear it. That way he insulted the king.

Jesus – your wedding garment

The wedding garment was a gift from the king. It didn’t matter what other clothes the man owned. In the same way, God sent His Son, Jesus, as a gift that He wants you to receive.
When we think we should be accepted by God without receiving Jesus, we are insulting God. And when we think we are too bad to receive Jesus, we need to realize that we can dress in the ‘wedding garment’ instead of our own filthy clothes.
Do you want to receive God’s gift to you? You don’t want to insult God, do you?

How do we receive Jesus?

You can receive Jesus here and now. There is no need for special ceremonies. All you need to do is to say to God that you want to receive Jesus into your life. Ask Him for forgiveness for having insulted Him, and for living a wrong life.

Don’t make the mistake to search for special feelings when you receive Jesus. You might experience some feelings, and you might not. It is not about feelings. It’s a choice.

You might like to pray with the following words:

Jesus, forgive me for what I have done wrong in my life, and most of all for not having received you earlier as God’s gift. I want to receive you now Jesus. Welcome into my life! Amen.



  1. Hi Lars, Blessings brother. I wanted to share what happened in my life. I prayed the sinners pray and didn’t feel any different. But then someone quoted the scripture Rom_10:10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. And God just quickened me at that moment and I could not wait for someone to come through the door to tell them Christ had saved me! And my life radically changed from that moment on! There is something life changing about confessing Jesus as Lord!

    Comment by Annette Kohen — 01/15/2015 @ 19:38

  2. Thank You, Annette, for your testimony! God bless!

    Comment by kellporten — 01/15/2015 @ 22:21

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