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Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Psalms – 254

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Ps. 142:7
Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise thy name …


There is a connection between how free a person is in his soul, and his ability to sing praise to the Lord. The enemy is trying to make us calm down, or even stop our worship and prayer, knowing that way we will be less effective in serving the Lord.

When we are set free from demonic oppression, which normally comes from an outside influence, we will be much freer to worship and pray.

So how does the enemy act in order to make us dampen our worship and prayer?

The enemy can attack by sending thought darts into our mind:

  • What use is it to sing and pray so much?
  • We need to get out and evangelize instead.
  • That piano needs tuned.
  • They pray far too loud.
  • Do you remember how the prayer leader behaved last time?
  • No one cares about me.
  • I can’t sing.
  • Everybody else expresses their prayers so well. I can’t do that.

The list of thought attacks is almost endless. We need to become much more aware of that the thoughts, popping up in our minds, are not necessarily our own. The purpose behind the attacks is to steal our joy, and to make us focus on something else other than God.

Do not allow the enemy to steal your freedom to pray and sing praises. Command the evil spirits behind the disturbing thoughts to back off from you, and give yourself to worship and prayer.


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