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The enemy’s weapons: Rape

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It might seem evident that the enemy is behind rape, so why discuss it as a special weapon of the enemy? The answer is, there is much more that takes place during a rape than what we see with our eyes.

What happens at the time of rape, besides physical assault?

The rape can lead to inner wounds, and fear, that the enemy can later use to hinder the victim from living a life of freedom. However, something even worse can happen. There can be a demonic transference.

What do we mean by ”demonic transference”?

Demonic transference is demons going from the rapist to the victim. Demons can be transmitted in several ways, but sex outside of marriage is the most common way.

What takes place, spiritually, during a rape?

There is a risk that the victim receives spirits who dwell in the rapist. We might think women are the ones being the victims, but it can happen to men also. Let’s tell about a pastor who was raped. A friend of the pastor told the story.

Late one night, on his way home, the pastor decided to take a shortcut through a park. There were a gang of homosexuals, and they raped him. It was a traumatic experience, but as time went by he began longing back to the park in order to be raped again. Finally the pressure became so strong that he fell for the temptation. That was the starting point for of a sexual relation with the men. He really fought against the temptations, since he didn’t actually want to live that way, but he could not resist. Finally he decided to tell his church about his problem. They fired him and expelled him from the church.

What exactly happened? Well, when he was raped, spirits of homosexuality were being transmitted. Those spirits then drove him to have sex with men, while he, in reality, didn’t want to. If the church, rather than to exclude him, had delivered him from the spirits of homosexuality, he would have been set free.

How should we deal with the enemy’s weapon rape?

· First, it is important that the victims of rape receive help, even with deliverance, when such is needed.
· Second, we must see the enemy behind rapes. That means even the rapists need deliverance.
· Third, it can be necessary to cleanse a place, where many have been raped, from spirits of rape.


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