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The enemy’s weapons: Need for attention

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Starting from childhood and throughout life we all have a need for attention, and that need isn’t necessarily something bad. Man has an inherent need to be loved and respected, but we are not meant to satisfy that need on our own.

How does God view our need for attention?

God has created us with a need to be loved and respected, and He wants to satisfy that need. He can use other people to do so, but He can also do it Himself. He doesn’t want us to seek attention from people, and then be disappointed in those who don’t act the way we expect them to.

God wants our attention

Ps 105:4
Seek the LORD, and his strength: seek his face evermore.

God wants us to seek Him. He wants our attention.

God satisfies your need for attention when you are focused on the needs of others

Phil. 2:4 (ESV)
Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

When you are focused on your own need for attention, you will limit God’s opportunities to satisfy it. But if you focus on others’ needs as God’s Word teaches us, He will take care of yours.

How does the enemy use man’s need for attention?

The enemy wants us to focus on ourselves instead of focusing on God. He does this by first trying to amplify our need for attention, and then encouraging us to hopelessly try to satisfy it on our own. Then he helps us become disappointed that no one cares enough about us, getting us into a very destructive state of self-pity. Self-pity can in turn lead to bitterness, which can ultimately lead to isolation both from God and people around us. This is of course opposite to God’s plan and will for us.

How should we act in response to the enemy’s weapon, need for attention?

Let’s summarize:
• Let God satisfy your need for attention
• Give God your attention
• Focus on others’ needs instead of focusing on your own


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