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Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Psalms – 245

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Ps. 141:8 (ESV)
… in you I seek refuge …


What is meant seeking refuge in God? Our first thought might be that we should flee to Him. But, even more than that, seeking refuge means to trust. It means we have our trust in God. KJV puts it as follows:

Ps. 141:8 (KJV)
… in thee is my trust …

We are called to trust in God. That is what faith is all about. The evil spiritual world always tries to make us doubt God’s goodness and ability, and also that they, themselves, are impossible to conquer. In the spiritual battle it is therefore very important that we hold on to what the bible says about God. It tells us, He is good, He is almighty, and that we can trust in Him.

Seeking refuge in God doesn’t mean we should flee from the enemy. On the contrary, the bible tells us to resist the devil. He should flee from us!

Jam. 4:7
Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Here we see the order for spiritual warfare. FIRST we need to submit ourselves to God, THEN we should resist the devil. We cannot make the devil flee, if we, at the same, live in rebellion against God and His orders.

Submitting to God means to voluntarily put oneself under His leadership and to follow Him, on His conditions. Trust and subordination goes together. When we realize that we can trust in God, we can also submit to Him.


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