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The enemy’s weapon: Harassments

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Some words for harassment are, bullying, pursuit and victimization. It can be everything from “not noticing” to physical violence.

Why do people harass?

There are many reasons why people harass, i.e. enmity or a need for revenge. People can also harass because they have a need to oppress others. However, we need to realize that behind all external reasons there is a demonic plan.

John 10:10
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy …

The purpose of the enemy is always to destroy as much as possible, and most of the time he uses people as his tools. Most people who harass others are probably not aware that they are being used as tools for the enemy. They are deceived because they have received feelings of irritation and contempt, ideas what to say, and thoughts about using violence, just to mention some of the ways the enemy uses.

Why does the enemy want to harass people?

We have already answered that question. The enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy, not just our physical life, but our spiritual life as well.

What happens when we are being harassed?

To be harassed one time is bad enough, but in most cases we are able shake it off ourselves. It gets worse when we are being harassed all the time. It tears us down, and that is precisely what the enemy wants to do.

It gets even worse when the harassment is not only ongoing but also comes through different tools. The enemy can use one person to harass someone in a certain way, and use another person to harass the victim in a different way. The combination of the attacks can be disastrous for the victim.

How should we deal with the enemy’s weapon harassment?

First, we need to realize that it is a demonic attack. If we focus on those who are being used as tools by the enemy, we will not be able to deal with the problem in the right way. Therefore, we need to forgive the persons involved, bless them and pray for them.

Second, we need to take authority over the spirits behind the harassment. We don’t need to know the names of the demons. We can just say, “You demons behind this harassment, I command you to back off from me and from the persons you are using against me, in the name of Jesus!”


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