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The enemy’s weapons: Betrayal

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Have you felt betrayed by someone? It has probably happened to all of us, but the question is, if we see the enemy attack behind it all. We need to understand that the enemy is “organizing” the betrayals so that he will be able to use them for his purposes.

How does the enemy organize a betrayal?

When someone betrays us, we usually just see what that person has done to us. What we often miss is that the enemy has been working behind the scenes to make the person betray. The person may have been exposed to an intense bombardment of thoughts, and emotions, in order to make him act as he did. This should not be interpreted to mean that the person doesn’t have a responsibility for betraying, but here we focus on how the enemy acts.

Why is it important to realize that the enemy affects people to make them betray?

If we only look at the betrayal and the betrayer. we will not deal with the real problem in the right way. Then the enemy is free, and instead of commanding him to leave, we focus on the tools he used. It’s like focusing on the crowbar instead of the burglar. The more we understand the enemy’s approach, the easier it is to expose him.

How does the enemy use betrayal?

The enemy uses betrayal in several ways, i.e. to split, to prevent us from forgiving, to make us feel insecure, to get us wounded in our inner man, and so on.

When we have been betrayed, we are tempted to keep a distance from the person who betrayed us. That way the enemy is able to make a split between people.

As long as we focus on the person who betrayed us, it is hard to forgive. The enemy wants to keep us in unforgiveness, so he contributes with thoughts about how bad the person behaved, and how impossible it is to forgive.

When we have been betrayed by someone we have trusted, and felt secure with, it can be hard to trust that person again. We no longer feel secure around that person, and it might even lead to not feeling secure with anyone anymore.

Inner wounds
We can react in different ways when we have been betrayed, especially when the betrayer is a friend or family member. The betrayal hits us harder if it comes through a person close to us, whom we have relied on, and who has given us confidence. Those who have been betrayed, usually are affected in one way or another, sometimes leaving deep inner wounds.

How should we deal with the enemy’s weapon betrayal?

  • First you need to forgive the person who betrayed you. Seeing the enemy as the real problem makes it easier. If it is still hard to forgive, make a choice to obey Jesus’ command that we shall forgive.
  • Second, you need to command the enemy to back off from you as well as from the person who betrayed you.
  • Third, you need to ask Jesus to heal and to protect your soul.
  • Fourth, never forget that Jesus will never betray you.

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