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Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Psalms – 235

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Ps. 140:12
I know that the LORD will maintain the cause of the afflicted, and the right of the poor.


The afflicted” in the original text can also be translated “the depressed”. Depressed and poor people are often targets for the attacks of the enemy. The evil spirits use people’s hard situations to attack them even more.

David, who wrote this Psalm, had faith in God. He said “I know that the LORD will …”. We might be tempted to say “I hope the Lord will help”. There is a big difference between knowing and hoping.

How could David know that God would help? He knew God, and he understood that God is good. He knew that God helps those who turn to Him and ask for help.

We, who live today, can know even more that God maintains our cause. David wrote his Psalm long before Jesus came. David had a prophetic anointing on his life, and Ps. 140:12 is pointing forward to Jesus’ victory on Golgotha. Through Jesus, God HAS maintained the cause of the afflicted and the right of the poor. You might ask; ‘OK, but why don’t I see that victory manifested in my life?’ The answer is, it is one thing knowing what Jesus has done, and another thing knowing how to use His victory.

Because of Jesus’ victory we have received the authority to command the enemy to back off from our minds. We also have the ability to command the evil spirits, who try to make us poor by making us handle money in the wrong way, to back off from us. But, if we don’t use our authority, we allow the evil spirits to keep on tormenting us.
We should add that we can get into situations where it is too hard for us to fight on our own. Then we need help from faith filled believers who are aware of the spiritual battle.

When we have tough circumstances, we often are tempted to speak in the wrong way. Like we said before, we might be tempted to say “I hope the Lord will help”, which is, of course, better than “There will never be a solution for me”. But, instead we should say “I KNOW that Jesus has gained the victory, and therefore I expect a change in my situation. You evil spirits who are hindering the change, back off from me, in the name of Jesus!”


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