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Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Psalms – 232

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Ps. 140:9
As for the head of those that compass me about, let the mischief of their own lips cover them.

(Swedish version: “Let those who compass me about be hit by the evil of their lips”)


… those who compass me about …

David was aware that he was surrounded by enemies, and we should be aware of that too. That doesn’t mean we should focus on the enemy more than on Jesus, but we must not neglect the presence of the enemy. In a war it means defeat to act like the enemy doesn’t exist.

People can react in different ways about the truth that we are surrounded by evil spirits. Some people deny it, others get scared, and then there are those who know they have authority over the evil spirits. The latter category will increase more and more. We, the believers, have always been called to destroy the works of the devil, but now it is more important than ever before.

… the evil of their lips …

Do the evil spirits have lips? No, they have no bodies, but they use people’s mouths to speak what they want to be released. Of course, unsaved people can be used by the enemy, but we, the believers, can also be used by the enemy. Therefore we need to be careful what we speak. We are called to bless, not to curse.

Let … be hit …

David asks God to make the enemies be hit by their own wickedness. We live in the new covenant, where Jesus has conquered the evil spirits. He has also given the believers authority over those spirits.

When a person receives Jesus into his heart, he immediately gets authority over the enemy that used to use him as a tool for evil. He receives the ability to use that authority by speaking against the enemy, not only in order to defend himself, but also to stop the enemy from harassing others. That way the enemy will be attacked by the same mouth that the enemy used to use.


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