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The enemy’s weapons: Laziness

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Have you ever felt lazy? Have you thought it might be an attack from the enemy? We probably think laziness has natural causes, and it can. Some of the reasons for feeling lazy may be, lack of sleep, physical illness, depression, lack of discipline and so on. But, laziness can also be a spiritual attack, and that’s what we’ll talk about here.

One example

One time when people were gathered for prayer, they were praying very loud, in tongues. After a while one of the persons, praying, almost fell asleep!!!
One can hardly call it natural to fall asleep while praying in a loud voice in tongues, right? It was a spiritual attack.

How does laziness manifest?

Just like in the example above you can become very tired, but you can also become indifferent. You know what you should do, but you don’t act. It will be easy to postpone things. If the spiritual attack is not broken, it can eventually lead to apathy (see The enemy’s weapons: Apathy).

How does the enemy use laziness?

The enemy knows that we are dangerous to him, not because of our own strength and ability, but because of the power of the Holy Spirit in us. Therefore, he does everything to hinder the power from being released through us, and one way he uses, is to get us into laziness.

We can be on fire for serving the Lord, and yet after a while become lazy. The enemy can send thoughts to us, like “We must not become fanatical”, “I probably need to take it easy,” “I’m worth a little rest and relaxation” etc. to use against us. The enemy’s aim for those kinds of thoughts is to cause us to be passive. Sure, God wants us to have the rest we need, and He has rest for us in the midst of the battle, but His rest does not make us passive.

How should we deal with the enemy’s weapon laziness?

First, we need to have fellowship with strong believers. It is much easier to slack off if we isolate ourselves.
Second, it is important that we build ourselves up through Bible reading and prayer, especially praying in tongues.
Third, we need to be vigilant to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He can show us if we are under the influence of spirits of laziness. If so, we need to command them to leave.


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