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Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Psalms – 212

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Ps. 139:20 (ESV)
They speak against you with malicious intent …


The evil spirits speak against God with malicious intent. Their purpose is to deceive us, by giving us a wrong view of God. That was how Satan attacked Adam and Eve, and his angels are still working in the same way. They want us to believe that God is angry, unwilling to help, and powerless. Most of all, they want us to believe He doesn’t exist.
The evil spirits want us to get mad or disappointed at God, instead of seeing the work of the enemies of God. Evil spirits don’t want us to see that they are the real reason for our problems, because then we would be able to deal with them.

The evil spirits speak lies into our minds. It is in our minds where we first and foremost are attacked, even though we can be attacked in our bodies too. By filling us with thoughts of lies, we call them thought darts, the evil spirits try to make us think, speak and act in a wrong way.

The reason, why the evil spirits sends lies about God into our minds, is to bring us away from God. The thoughts can seem very reliable. If we are not anchored in the word of God, and if we have not been taught about the works of the evil spiritual world, we can easily be deceived.


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