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Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Psalms – 192

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Ps. 129:2
Many a time have they afflicted me from my youth: yet they have not prevailed against me.


There are many whose adolescence has been problematic, And many, still carry those problems as adults.

Who then, have caused the problems? At first view it might seem to be parents, brothers and sisters, friends, teachers, relatives etc. But, what we seldom understand is, many times evil spirits are the root of the problem. We tend to focus on the persons, whom the evil spirits are using as tools to hurt us. Therefore we blame those persons, instead of the evil spirits, for what happened to us.

Psychiatry can ’help’ people see the connection between their problems today, and what happened in their childhood, but most of the time, it stops there. They are told to learn to live with their problems. Fortunately there are exceptions, when saved psychiatrists, who are aware of the actions of evil spiritual world, can help their patients see the real source of their suffering.

When a person is helped to understand how the evil spirits act, they can see further, than to what has happened in the past. That way there is a big chance for change. One result is, it will be easier to forgive the person who became a tool for the evil spirits. Let’s compare to a burglar using a jimmy to get into your home. You will not get angry at the jimmy, will you? You will get angry at the burglar who used it. The more we are aware of the evil spirits that have caused a person to treat us badly, the easier, it will be to forgive that person. Unless, that is, we choose to remain in unforgiveness.
Another result of realizing there are evil spirits behind what has happened to us is, we can stretch out for deliverance.

In the next part we will have a look at the reason why the evil spirits attack us in our childhood and adolescence


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