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Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Psalms – 179

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Ps. 126:1
… When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream

(Swedish version: “When the LORD put an end to the captivity of Zion …“)


… When the LORD put an end to the captivity of Zion

Let’s never forget that it’s Jesus who puts an end to captivity. He is the one who is fighting, and it’s His power. We must never think we are the principal characters. Jesus is.

When that is said we need to remind ourselves that God has chosen to use us, in the battle. We are meant to be channels for the power of the Holy Spirit. God doesn’t force us, but it’s His will for us to be His tools in the war.

Thus, when Jesus puts an end to our captivity, He does it through us. And because the enemy knows the purpose of God, he attacks us, being the weakest link of the chain. We are attacked mainly in two ways.

The most common attack is when believers are deceived to think Jesus fights without their cooperation. They beg and pray God to intervene, and when nothing happens they blame Him. We need to see the enemy’s lie behind that way of thinking. God never makes mistakes, He is only good and He knows the best.
We, as believers, need to understand we are the channels for the power of God. The power is not ours, but it flows through us. We need to place ourselves at God’s disposal, or His power will be hindered.

Another way to attack is common among us who have understanding of spiritual warfare. The enemy deceives us to think everything depends on us, and that we are fighting on our own. That way we take our eyes from Jesus, and we easily forget we are tools for Him. Acting on our own will be disastrous.

Not until we realize that it’s Jesus who is fighting, and that He is using us in the fight, can we become effective tools in spiritual warfare.


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