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The enemy’s weapons: Rejection

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How does rejection manifest?

Ps. 43:2
You are God my stronghold. Why have you rejected me? …

Rejection can manifest in many different ways. You can, for instance, according to the scripture, feel rejected by God. This is an attack from the enemy. We must realize that God loves us, but he hates the sin. He is not out to condemn anyone, but his intention is to save. The enemy, on the other hand, tries to get us away from God, and so he tries to make us believe that God has rejected us.

We can also feel rejected by men. People of the world believe that it is success that counts, and there are many who cannot cope with the tempo and therefore feel rejected.

We can, of course, feel rejected by people in many other ways.

When we are rejected by others, we can be tempted to reject ourselves. We can end up with feelings of worthlessness, inferiority and guilt, and we may end up in depression.

Why does the enemy attack with rejection?

The enemy’s purpose for attacking us with feelings of rejection is to limit us in our service for the Lord. Imagine a soldier, fully equipped for battle, sitting down on the ground, completely absorbed in himself. He is no threat to the enemy, right? You are a soldier of the Lord, and you have spiritual weapons that make you extremely dangerous for the enemy. But, if you find yourself in rejection, you will focus on yourself instead of on your service for God.

How should we deal with rejection?

Take hold of the fact that your value is because of Jesus. The price of something determines its value, and you have been bought with the precious blood of Jesus. You cannot receive a higher value than that, and people’s estimations cannot increase nor decrease that value.

You also need to see your sense of rejection as an attack from the enemy. Command spirits of rejection to back away from you, and proclaim that you belong to Jesus and that you have your value in him.


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