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The enemy’s weapons: Rationalization

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In the previous part we talked about how the enemy tempts us to blame our own faults on others. Here we will talk about how the enemy wants us to rationalize the results of his attacks and think of them as natural circumstances.

Thinking of the enemy’s attacks as natural circumstances

The enemy prefers to attack quietly, and therefore it is easy to think of his attacks as the results of natural events. Let us look at depression as an example.

If the enemy attacks your mind so that you become depressed, what is your view on the situation? Do you realize that you’re under attack by the enemy, or do you start thinking that you are the problem? Maybe you accept depression as something natural that you’ll have to live with? As long as you keep thinking this way, the enemy will be able to continue to torment you. You have the authority to command the evil spirits that are behind the attack to go, but first you must realize that it is an attack.

Let us now look at yet another example. An acquaintance of ours, had problems with his knees. They were swollen, they ached, and they creaked. He went to a doctor, who explained that his knees were worn out. Sometime later a member in his church commanded spirits of sickness to leave his knees. After the deliverance, his knees were completely restored. Had he accepted the doctor’s diagnoses, he most likely would have had problems with his knees the rest of his life.

How to handle attacks of rationalization?

Always be aware that seemingly natural events could, in reality, be demonic attacks.



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