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The enemy’s weapons: Need for acceptance

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Are you afraid to do what you think you should do, or say what you think you say, for fear of what other people might think about you? Is the need for acceptance so important, that you answer them based on what you think they want to hear? Do you say “Yes” when you really want to say “No”, because you want to be accepted?

Need for acceptance can manifest in many different ways, but there is a common denominator – fear.

Prov. 29:25
The fear of man brings a snare …

Fear of what people might think about you, will limit your freedom. Lots of time and effort is spent on making people like you. Time and effort that you could use to seek the Lord and to serve Him. The enemy knows this, and therefore he is trying to get you focused on what people think about you.

The enemy can also change tactics and seemingly help you get rid of your need for acceptance. He can encourage you to ignore what people think, and how they will react. You have the right to be free! But what looks like a solution is just as destructive as the need for acceptance. The enemy’s purpose is always to steal, kill, and destroy. By encouraging you to ignore how people, around you, might react, he tries to make you his tool to harm them.

How should we deal with the need for acceptance?

First, you need to understand your real value, namely the fact that Jesus bought you with His own blood. The price He paid gives you your real value. Nothing can make you more valuable than you already are, and nothing can make you less valuable. Therefore, you do not need acceptance from people.

Second, you need to confess your need for acceptance, as a sin.

Third, command the enemy to back off from you, and refuse to receive the thoughts he sends into your mind, thoughts about people’s opinion about you. Such thoughts can appear, but you can refuse to accept them.

Finally, you need to speak and act on God’s love. You have the right to be yourself, but you do not have the right to harm others. Real freedom from the need for acceptance is to meet people in love, instead of fear.


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