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Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Psalms – 146

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Ps. 68:11-12 (ESV)
11 The Lord gives the word; the women who announce the news are a great host:
12 “The kings of the armies–they flee, they flee!” The women at home divide the spoil …


God is raising up a great army of women, preaching something new.

God’s word talks about a great host of women coming with good tidings. The word ‘host’ can also be translated ‘a mass of persons organized for war’, an army. Here it’s spoken it speaks of a great army of women.

It is interesting to see that the Word of God talks about women who will preach. The original Hebrew word that has been translated ‘announce’ in ESV and ‘proclaim’ in NKJV, means ‘make known’, ‘preach’ and ‘tell’.

Ps. 68:11 is a prophetic message that there will come a time when a great army of women will preach something new. We don’t need to wonder about the new message the great army of women will preach. To know we only have to read verse 13, which says “The kings of the armies … flee”.

Who are the fleeing kings of the armies? They are the powers and principalities of the evil spiritual world, the leaders of Satan’s army.

… The women at home divide the spoil …

When the evil spiritual world draws back, it means blessings for everybody, not just for those who were actively taking part in the battle. There will be positive changes in winning people for God, and the daily routines at home will change, because they will be done in freedom.


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