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The enemy’s weapons: Anger – part 4

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In the preceding parts about anger, we have talked about where the anger should, and should not, be released. In the fourth part, we will discuss how the enemy uses anger as a weapon.

How does the enemy use anger as a weapon?

The enemy uses anger to harm us and others. Let’s look at some of the ways he uses anger.

The enemy uses anger to harm people around us

If the enemy can make us act from anger, he can use us as his tools to harm people. When we release our anger against someone, it can cause deep wounds inside, which can be lifelong, unless the persons receives help to get free from them.

The enemy uses anger to harm ourselves

We have previously stated that if we keep the anger within us, we will be harmed physically and spiritually. Therefore, the enemy sometimes inspires us to hold back the anger instead of releasing it against people. The enemy, of course, doesn’t do that in order to protect people from our anger, but in order that we should harm ourselves.

The enemy uses anger to harm relationships

In a marriage, as well as between friends, it is important to trust each other. Anger can destroy trust, and that can destroy a relationship.

The enemy uses anger to control

The enemy can use a person, who acts out in his anger, to control persons around him. They become cautious, since they don’t want to incur anger, and dare not say what they actually think.

The enemy uses anger to make us sin

Jesus told us to love everyone, including our enemies. If we act in anger, we act counter to Jesus’ will.

How should we deal with the enemy’s attacks of anger?

When you notice that you begin to be filled with anger, you should do two things:

1. Bless the person who treated you wrong
2. Release your anger towards the evil spiritual world, and command the evil spirits to back off from you.


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