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Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Psalms – part 112

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Ps. 43:2 (ESV)
For you are the God in whom I take refuge; why have you rejected me? …


Rejection is a common attack.

Rejection can come in many forms. For instance we can feel rejected by God, like in the scripture above. It’s an attack from the enemy. We must understand that God loves us, but he hates sin. His primary plan is to save us, not to judge us. The enemy, however, is trying to lead us away from God, and so he tries to make us believe God has rejected us.

We can also feel rejected by people. Among people of the world it is success that counts, and many who cannot take the high tempo feel rejected.

We could use a lot of examples on rejection, but we will look at just a few:

Let’s first look at sports. Several years ago they made an investigation here in Sweden, showing that youth who had been involved in sports, but didn’t make progress, drank more alcohol than those who had never been involved in sports. The explanation is, from the beginning all were welcome to join training and games, but the best were chosen to go further. Those who were not chosen felt rejected, and alcohol became a ‘comforter’.

We can also feel rejected at our working place. Others advance, while we have to go on with our old job.

Even in our families we can feel rejected. It may seem like a mother or a father love our brother or sister more, or a brother or sister can be successful, get married before us, and so on.

Behind all these seemingly natural reasons the enemy is trying to deceive us. Thought darts and emotional darts are sent against us, and often we don’t notice it’s an attack but receive those emotions and thoughts as our own.



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