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Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Psalms – part 88

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Ps. 33:16 (ESV)
… a warrior is not delivered by his great strength


The power is not yours but God’s.

It cannot be emphasized enough that it is not about our own power in spiritual warfare. The evil spirits laugh at our power, because their power is superior compared to ours. But God has given us His power. The power of the Holy Spirit, dwells in us, and His power has already conquered the evil spirits.

We have to choose between moving in our own power, or allowing the Holy Spirit take over our lives. The difference between meeting the evil spirits in our own strength, and meeting them in the strength of the Holy Spirit, is totally different.

Our own power can mean more than muscles (physical strength). It might be a big bank account, influential friends, a high position in society or a sharp intellect, just to name a few. None of those are adequate in the spiritual war.

There is also a total difference between our own power and the power of God when it comes to releasing it. When we meet the attacks in our own power, we try to do the best we can. But when we meet the attacks with the power of the Holy Spirit, the most important thing will be, not to hinder Him by having unsettled sin in our lives.

Finally, let’s have a look at religious ‘power’. That power can show up in two different ways. It can cause us to believe “I’m just a poor sinner, nothing more than a worm on the ground”, and by that we mean we can do no more than wait for a better life in heaven.
Or it can cause us to beleive, that the devil and his army are just a bunch of sloppy beings who we could just laugh at, and when we shout a little, they will run. That attitude may seem strong, but it has no power.

We release the power of God in esteem for Him and by obedience for Him. God is the warrior, and we are his servants.


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