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Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Psalms – part 87

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Ps. 33:16 (ESV)
The king is not saved by his great army …

(Swedish version: A king is not victorious because of his great army)


We never are victorious because we are many. It’s ALWAYS because of the victory of Jesus!

The spiritual climate of a city can be changed. God wants His kingdom to break through everywhere. Even believers are waiting for breakthrough. But too often we are waiting for unity among the believers before we start fighting for our cities. A change of the spiritual climate seldom begins by all the believers fighting together.

We cannot sit and wait for unity if we want to see a transformation. Someone, or some small group, must take a step and start confronting the enemy, and as a result the resistance against unity will be reduced and more will join you in battle.

In Judges chapter 6 we read about the people being robbed by their enemies. Nobody dared to act. Then God called Gideon to fight the enemies. Gideon had a weak self-image, but when he dared to act on what God told him to do he conquered the enemy. There were just a few men with him, but when the enemies were defeated, more people joined Gideon’s group.

David’s battle against Goliath is another example of when someone had to take the first step. Saul and his army should have been the ones who fought the battle, but they were paralyzed with fear. However, when Goliath was defeated, Saul and the army joined David and made the enemy’s army flee.

If God has spoken to you to battle for your city, or if you are in a small group that has come together to fight, don’t wait for every believer in the city to join. Go ahead and take a step.


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