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Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Psalms – part 58

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Ps. 14:4
Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread …


As long as the church doesn’t realize there is an evil spiritual world, and doesn’t understand its mission to deal with it, the evil spirits don’t need to face that they are defeated.

There is a lot of teaching about the devil and his spirit being defeated, and it’s true they are, but the evil spirits also need to face the fact.

One could divide the believers in four categories:

1. Those who don’t believe there is a devil nor a hell
2. Those who believe there is an enemy, but don’t want to, or dare not, talk about him
3. Those who believe there is an enemy, and thinks it is exciting to make warfare against him
4. Those who believe there is an enemy, look with wisdom and understanding, and drive him away

In order for God’s will and plan to be fulfilled here on earth, the body of Christ, the church, must be of the last category.

We need to …

– have the necessary knowledge about the enemy, and not just know he exists.
– look realistic at the enemy, that is …
– not run from him in fear (Jesus in us is greater)
– not make fun of him (he is not harmless)
– not be tempted to make ‘exciting warfare’ (we have a serious mission from God)
– make the enemy flee, by submitting ourselves to God and resisting the enemy.

The evil spirits know very well that they are defeated. Let’s see to that they have to face the consequence of that.



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