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Spiritual mapping – part 4

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Three basic questions

We have looked at different ways to do spiritual mapping, and now let’s look at it from a different angle. Spiritual mapping can be summarized into three basic questions.

• What problems are there in the community?
• Where did the problems come from?
• What can be done to change things?

These questions will help us bring the different activities of spiritual mapping together.

Who should participate in spiritual mapping?

Spiritual mapping must never become an ’exciting activity’. It must be regarded as serious a step to transform the community. Therefore it is important that the right people participate. It is not about how many are in the meeting, but it is very important that everyone involved is serious and well balanced.

If there are enough participants, it will be good to divide them into groups. That way, one group can do the field studies, a second group can do background studies, and a third group can pray and seek revelation from the Lord.

Don’t make the mapping the endpoint

The purpose for the mapping is material for prayer. It is of no use having a lot of interesting newspaper articles, or having gathered facts concerning the history of the community, unless it leads to prayer and proclamation. Remember, spiritual mapping is a way to discover the spiritual reality behind the visible. Just exposing demons and principalities will not lead to transformation. The evil spirits have to be bound in order for the transformation to appear.

Is there more to learn about spiritual mapping?

Yes, lots! There are several good books about spiritual mapping, and there is a lot of information on the Internet. Read; test them all; hold on to what is good!


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