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Spiritual openings – part 3

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Can sexual abuse create spiritual openings?

There are those who claim that the wrong kind of sex is the main way to transmit evil spirits between people. That is true regardless of whether a person is voluntarily involved in wrong sex, e.g. adultery, or if the person is raped.

Can there be spiritual openings from other forms of abuse?

Yes, every form of abuse can create openings for evil spirits. For instance, verbal or emotional abuse can have a devastating effect.

Can traumatic incidents create openings?

Shock or deep grief can create openings for evil spirits. Even ‘near death experiences’ can open people up.

Do evil spirits automatically enter when we have spiritual openings?

No, having openings doesn’t always mean that we will have evil spirits. However, we should realize that as long as the spiritual openings remain open, there is a chance for evil spirits to enter.

What is the significance of the spiritual openings being revealed and closed, when we are helping a person be healed and restored?

It is of great importance. Unless the spiritual openings are identified, they cannot be closed, and as long as the openings are not closed the evil spirits can continue to enter. It is like killing mosquitoes with a flyswatter, while all the windows in the house are wide open. We may kill a few mosquitoes, but at the same time, swarms of them are entering in through the open windows. We must first close the windows, before we deal with the “mosquitoes” that have come in.


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