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Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Psalms – part 45

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Ps. 10:3 (NIV)
… he blesses the greedy and reviles the LORD


Greed attracts demonic activity.

Ps. 10:3 tells us that the wicked blesses the greedy. When the evil spiritual world ‘blesses’; it’s a blessing leading to spiritual death.

It’s easy to get upset and to detest a greedy person. Such a person, intelligent and well bred as he might be, often acts in a very illogical and clumsy way when guided by greed. We know a person who is very nice and very caring for others, but if he has to buy a plastic bag when shopping he has a fit. Not because he is concerned about the environment, but because of the cost.

The problem with buying plastic bags may seem harmless, but we must realize that the evil spirits are very interested in such openings. They know that a person’s greed can become a tool for them to destroy that person’s spiritual life and even use him to attack others around him.

Instead of getting irritated at a greedy person, or detest him, we should get concerned for him. He needs help.
We also need to be observant concerning ourselves so that greed doesn’t become a stronghold in our own lives.


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