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Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Psalms – part 44

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Ps. 10:3 (NIV)
He boasts of the cravings of his heart …


The evil spiritual world wants to build up our ego.

Jesus said that whosoever will save his life (the lower, earthly life) shall lose it (the higher, spiritual life) (Mark. 8:35). Therefore the evil spiritual world is trying to make us build up our ego, making the lower life so strong it will be hard to give up.

People are longing to feel safe, to be respected and to be loved, and there are a lot of therapies aiming to meet those needs. We must understand that there is a deliberate plan from the enemy behind all therapies that are not based on God and His Word. It’s only in fellowship with God that we get our true value.

The therapies of the world are making man’s ego strong, while walking with God is quite the opposite. We are called to make our flesh die and to allow the Holy Spirit more and more space in our lives.

The enemy begins by attacking our fundamental needs: safety, respect and love. He tries to steal all that from us, and then he offers ‘solutions’ for our problems.

People need to be set free from the attacks of the enemy. They need help to receive Jesus into their hearts and to find their true identity in Christ.


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