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Prayer, demands, commands and proclamation – part 4

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Proclaiming – seizing by speaking out God’s truths

First of all, when we proclaim, we don’t talk to God, or to the enemy, but we speak out a truth that will apply to a place or situation. But, of course, we speak in front of both God, and the enemy.

To proclaim — the kingdom of God

Proclamation has an important function when we, for example, seize a place for the kingdom of God. Jesus taught the disciples to proclaim the kingdom of God, even though the word proclaim isn’t used.

Luke 10:9
And heal the sick there, and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’

To proclaim — Jesus as Lord

Sometimes when we come to a place, the Holy Spirit will lead us to speak out “Jesus is Lord in this place!”. We may also do the same thing many times when we travel. As we travel and come to a border separating cities, counties, states, or countries, we may proclaim Jesus as Lord over the area we are about to enter.

It is not just only over places or regions we should proclaim Jesus as Lord. We can, for example, proclaim Jesus as Lord in our lives, our families, our churches and so on.

To proclaim — the blood of Jesus

Sometimes the attacks from the evil spiritual world can be extra strong. At that time it’s good to proclaim the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus is a tremendously strong weapon against the enemy. Later in the study we will talk more about spiritual weapons, which God has supplied us with.

To proclaim — our position of victory

It can be good to proclaim to ourselves what our spiritual position is. For example, we could speak out:

“I am above and not below, I am the head and not the tail! My position of victory is in Christ, I am seated in Him at the right hand side of the Father, high above the principalities and powers of the evil spiritual world, and above all names that can be named! No weapon can hurt me, for my righteousness is in the Lord!”


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