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Can believers have demons?

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We have now come to a very important part in this course. The opinions are divided about whether believers can have demons or not. We will try to shed some light over the matter, but first a short repetition.

In the previous post (Possessed, demonized or under the influence?) we said that people can get attacked both from the outside and from the inside by evil spirits. We also said that attacks from the inside can be the result of either possession or demonization.

Can a believer get attacked from the outside?

The answer is: Yes! We cannot escape the evil spirits’ influence from the outside.

Can a believer be possessed?

In the post Spirit-soul-body – part 2 we stated that the Holy Spirit moves into our spirit when we receive Jesus as our Savior. Before that you could say our spirit was dormant. Demons and the Holy Spirit will never exist in the same place, which means the demons will not be able to enter the spirit of the believer.

When a person is possessed by evil spirits they are completely controlled by them. Therefore a saved person cannot be possessed, since the evil spirits can’t have full control. They obviously can’t control the spirit of the believer since the Holy Spirit dwells there. The same goes for the areas of the soul where the Holy Spirit has gained access.

Can a believer be demonized?

A person is demonized if evil spirits influence one or more areas in his soul. This is also true with believers. In the areas of the soul, where the flesh is in control, i.e. where the Holy Spirit hasn’t been let inside, there can be evil spirits. Notice that we say there CAN be. Just because we are carnal in some areas of our life, doesn’t automatically mean that we have evil spirits inside of us.


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