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Carnality or evil spirits? – part 1

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Have you heard the expressions ”You can’t blame everything on demons” and ”Don’t look for demons behind every bush”? There is some truth in these quotes, but they can also be misleading.

Can we blame everything on demons?

Of course not. Everything that is wrong is not because of demons. We must realize that people’s carnality can cause a great deal of trouble as well.

What do we mean by carnality?

In the post Spirit-soul-body – part 3 we talked about the flesh, and we said that it is our sinful nature. Sinful nature may also be called the nature of Adam.

Before you received Jesus in your life, your flesh was in control as the sovereign ruler of your soul. There was no influence from the Holy Spirit, since he hadn’t moved in yet. Your behavior was carnal, i.e. controlled by the flesh.

When you invited Jesus as Lord in your life, the Holy Spirit moved into your spirit, and He started to claim the reign over your soul. Suddenly there were two forces, the Holy Spirit and your flesh, who fought each other to determine who would be in control, and that fight is still going on inside of you.

We make choices on a daily basis, and what we choose determines if the Holy Spirit or the flesh is in control. In the latter case the way we act is carnal. Carnality, therefore, is allowing the flesh, instead of the Holy Spirit, to control us.

A person who isn’t saved is always carnal, while a saved person can choose to be carnal.


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