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Introduction to spiritual warfare – 2

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Do we have to fight?

You might wonder, do we really have to get involved in spiritual warfare? The answer is: No.

God has created us with a free will, and He won’t force us to receive Jesus as saviour, nor will He force us to do anything else. We have the right to choose, what is right, as well as what is wrong. But, we are responsible for our choices.

We can also look at it from another perspective. You are currently in the middle of a spiritual war, whether you want to fight or not. You don’t just stand at the side watching, you are involved in the battle. Since God has given you the weapons to drive away the enemy that is plaguing you and others, are you interested in using them? Or, are you going to stand completely unarmed on the battlefield and get defeated?

The fact is, you belong to the victorious side, you have weapons that are far greater than those of your enemy, and the enemy is terrified of you. This is your starting point as a believer. Surely you want to take advantage of this opportunity, so that others can get saved and redeemed?

The most important reason for spiritual warfare, we have saved for last. It is about obeying God. Jesus says in Mark 16:17 “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils …

The choice is not whether to get into spiritual warfare, it is a choice about obeying Jesus. We have the right to say no to Him, but who would want to?


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