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Trusting in God versus fighting against the enemy

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What does it mean to trust in God?

To trust in God means to have confidence in Him. That’s what faith is all about. Faith is not just believing that God exists, even the demons believe that, but more than anything else faith means to have confidence in God.
Trusting in God also means trusting in the bible, His Word.

Should we trust that God will deal with the evil spirits without our participation?

No, God has done His job, but He won’t do our job.

What do we mean by “God has done His job”?

God has, through Jesus, already conquered the evil spiritual world.

Col. 2:15
Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.

If God has conquered the evil spirits, why can’t we just rest in that fact?

We need to realize that the victory Jesus won doesn’t mean that the devil and the evil spirits ceased to exist. Neither does Jesus ‘ victory mean that evil spirits cannot attack us. What Jesus did was, He took back the legal right, the authority, from the devil. Adam and Eve let go of the authority, and until Jesus ‘ atoning work on Calvary the enemy had a legal right to attack people. But, after Jesus won the victory on Calvary, the devil no longer has any legal right. He continues to attack God’s creation, but what he does is illegal.

What is our job?

Our part here on earth is to release the effect of Jesus’ victory. Jesus will ultimately deal with the enemy when He returns, but here and now we have a job to do that is a big part of His action plan concerning the evil spiritual world.

Among the last words Jesus said before his Ascension was, the believers will cast out evil spirits. He did not say that he will cast them out himself, but he said we, the believers, will to do it.

Mark 16:17
… In My name they will cast out demons …

Why doesn’t God deal with the evil spirits without our participation?

The answer is basically, He is God and does what He wants. We have no rights to judge His decisions. We should respond to His will in obedience.

How can we combine trusting in God on one hand, and making spiritual warfare on the other hand?

We need to realize the truth that without Jesus we can do nothing. It is by trusting in Him that we can conquer the evil spiritual world. We need to let trusting in God go hand in hand with exercising authority over the enemy.

Joh 15:5
… without Me you can do nothing


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